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Bamboo is an investment platform that gives you real-time access to a stream of global and local investment options instantly and seamlessly from your mobile phone.

Bamboo also gives real-time access to invest in or trade over 3,500 stocks listed on the U.S. stock market or their local exchanges.

With a market cap of over $31 trillion, the U.S. stock market makes up over 85% of all dollars that go into the global markets. Being the first of its kind, Bamboo is unlocking the limitless potential of the global markets to Africans.

Bamboo offers the Bamboo Fixed Returns* - a fixed-income dollar-denominated investment that gives you up to 8% USD annual returns. It takes the risk out of investing while exposing you to all the benefits of being invested, including higher yields than regular dollar savings accounts.

Bamboo makes it fast and seamless to discover the best global and local investment opportunities. Users can fund their dollar or local currency balance almost instantly and start buying shares and ETFs or investing in Fixed Returns in just a few taps.

Bamboo uses bank-level security and all brokerage accounts are held at top-tier local and U.S. brokerages; each Bamboo brokerage account is protected by the SIPC. Please click here for more information on this. Bamboo is partnered with SEC-licensed investment managers and is also duly licensed by the Nigerian Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as a digital sub-broker.

Bamboo is launching first in Nigeria and Ghana, and expanding across the continent.

*Bamboo Fixed Returns is only available in Nigeria at this time.

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