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Why can't I find the stock I want on Bamboo?
Why can't I find the stock I want on Bamboo?

Here is why you may not be able to find some stocks or ETFs on Bamboo and how to suggest new stocks/ETFs to add

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If you do not see some stocks or ETFs on Bamboo, it could be that they do not meet our U.S. brokerage partner's criteria, are not listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ, or we do not have access to them at this time.

To mitigate risk, only securities that meet the following criteria are offered:

  • US exchange listed (OTC securities are not available)

  • Market capitalisation greater than $ 1 billion

  • If market capitalisation is below $1 billion, then 3 month average daily dollar volume must be greater than $0.5 million

  • Exchange listed sponsored ADRs (American Depositary Receipts)

  • Non-leveraged ETFs

  • Certain exceptions may be made, for example in the case of newly issued ETFs which have yet to meet the required market capitalisation or daily trading volume levels

  • Trading in penny stocks, options, fixed income, or mutual funds (except money market funds) are unavailable at this time

If you want to purchase a stock/ETF that meets the above criteria but is not on Bamboo, please fill this form and we will review to see if we are able to add it or not. If we are, it will be added to Bamboo, but stocks and ETFs that do not meet our criteria will not be added.

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