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The S&P 500 just concluded its seventh consecutive week of losses- the longest since 2001. Global business elites and leaders will be gathering in the mountains of Davos, Switzerland this week for the World Economic Forum (WEF). The Russia-Ukraine war, Covid-19 pandemic and the state of the economy will be among the key topics at the Forum.

What we are watching this week 👀

  • Nvidia: Nvidia’s stock has had a rough six months, with the chipmaker losing nearly 50% of its value from its November peak. Analysts are expectant on its Q1 earnings.. If earnings come out better-than-expected, the stock is likely to breakout and move up but disappointing earnings could open the door for more losses. . We will be watching this stock to find out.

  • Macy: All major retailers had it bad last week and it’s with great hope that this week won’t be the same- especially for Macy. While clothing and apparel could see an increase in demand since the economy is reopening, inflation is also there to pinch their pockets. We will be watching for this retailer’s earnings, as it reports on Thursday.

  • Costco: If a company could win an award by its stock decline Costco would be the winner. The warehouse giant has been performing well but fell victim to the broad concerns for its retail peers, with a 12.45% drop in stocks. With its membership model, it is protected from inflation and revenue decline although some analysts think otherwise. We will be watching this stock earnings report on Thursday.

Top Energy Stocks to buy right now

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What did other Bamboo investors buy last week? 💰

With the stock market being bearish, the S&P 500 is fast becoming a mainstay in our most bought list, alongside the usuals Twitter, Tesla, Amazon & Apple. It seems investors are having second doubts about Twitter, as it makes the list of our most sold stock this week, alongside Apple, Amazon, Tesla & Facebook.

So, what stock will you be buying or selling this week?

Stock Market Word of the Week

Bear Market: This is when a market index or a stock falls 20% or more from its recent highs. Most analysts see it as a time to buy, because stock prices are falling.

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