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What is the NGN/GHS Wallet?
What is the NGN/GHS Wallet?
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After signing up to Bamboo and activating your wallet by completing your identity verification, you will have a USD wallet and a wallet in your local currency (NGN or GHS).

Your NGN/GHS wallet enables you to easily deposit on Bamboo in your local currency.

Funds in your NGN/GHS wallet can be easily used to purchase stocks or to invest in Fixed Returns* (For Nigerian users).

You can move funds from your brokerage account (such as dividends, the money gotten from stock sales etc.) to your NGN/GHS wallet if you wish to withdraw in Naira/Cedis.

You can also transfer money from your NGN/GHS wallet to your USD wallet by following the steps here.

*Bamboo Fixed Returns is only available in Nigeria at this time.

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