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What is the USD Wallet?
What is the USD Wallet?
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After signing up to Bamboo and activating your wallet by completing your identity verification, you will have a USD wallet and a wallet in your local currency (NGN or GHS).

Your USD wallet enables you to easily deposit on Bamboo in USD (depending on the payment options available for your country), or in your local currency which is converted to USD at the deposit exchange rate on the Bamboo app at the time of deposit.

Funds in your USD wallet can be easily used to purchase stocks or to invest in Fixed Returns*.

You can move funds from your brokerage account (such as dividends, the money gotten from stock sales etc.) to your USD wallet if you wish to withdraw in USD.

You can also transfer money from your USD wallet to your NGN/GHS wallet by following the steps here.

*Bamboo Fixed Returns is only available in Nigeria at this time.

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