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How do I invest in Bamboo Fixed Returns?
How do I invest in Bamboo Fixed Returns?
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Here is how to invest in Bamboo Fixed Returns:

  • Start off by going to your Bamboo app.

  • If you don't have a Bamboo account, please download the app and sign up by following the steps here.

  • Once you're logged into the Bamboo app, swipe left on the app homepage to the Fixed Returns tab and click on ‘Invest now’.

  • Put in the dollar amount you would like to invest and how long you want to put your money away.

  • Click ‘Preview Investment’ to go over the details.

  • Click on ‘proceed’ and once you are satisfied with the details, select your payment type and complete the payment.

  • Viola! You are off to earning USD returns.

  • You can create multiple investments and the longer your money is set aside, the more returns you get.

You can read more about Bamboo Fixed Returns in this article.

*The Bamboo Fixed Returns product is only available on our Nigerian app at this time.

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