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How do I deposit from a USD account?
How do I deposit from a USD account?
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You can use the Brokerage Account Funding option on the Bamboo app to fund your stock brokerage account directly in USD. Please see below more information on this option:

  • This option enables you to fund your brokerage account directly by making a USD wire transfer (via ACH, international wire or domestic wire).

  • When a wire deposit is made to this account, your stock buying power is credited and you can use the amount to buy stocks/ETFs.

  • It takes 1-4 business days for the funds to reflect.

  • Only Bamboo users with active brokerage accounts can use this option.

  • There is no deposit charge for this option. However, your bank's transfer charges may apply.

  • Funds must be sent from an account in your name. Money deposited from bank accounts not in your name will not be honoured and will be rejected.

  • There is a holding period of 30 days before you can withdraw funds that were deposited via wire transfer. This means that after the deposited funds reflect in your brokerage account, you will not be able to withdraw these funds for 30 days.‍ You can read more about this here.

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