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Have you signed up to Bamboo and found yourself a little lost? Believe it or not that is a healthy sign and we are here to help guide you through the haze. 

The first thing you want to do after you have signed up is to fund your wallet. Bamboo allows you to fund your wallet with as low as $1. There are a number of ways you can do this on Bamboo and all of them are easy. To get you started, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to fund your wallet and you can read that here.

After funding your wallet the next thing to do is to create a Fixed Returns investment* or start trading stocks. You can read everything you need to know about Fixed Returns investments here.

For legal reasons Bamboo does not give stock recommendations or advice, so we cannot tell you what stocks to buy or sell. However, we have equipped the app with a lot of resources so you can get into the thick of things with confidence. 

One way to start trading stocks is by creating a list of publicly traded companies you like or hear about in the news often. You can check how the stocks have performed by going to the stock information pages on the Bamboo app. To go to a stock information page, just tap the stock you are interested in.  It is good to know as much information as you can about a company before you purchase a stock. You can also read about the company in the news section of the Bamboo app or via your preferred business news platform.

As soon as you feel confident about the stock, you can purchase it on the Bamboo app from the money you have deposited in your wallet. 

That is all there is to it. Pretty simple right?

If we were unable to answer your question, you can message us directly from your app and we will be excited to help.

*Bamboo Fixed Returns is only available in Nigeria at this time

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