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How to know if I'm making money/How do I make profit on Bamboo?
How to know if I'm making money/How do I make profit on Bamboo?
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You can learn more about how to make money from investing in stocks by watching this video here.

There are three primary ways to earn money from investing on Bamboo:

  • When you buy shares and you sell at a higher price than when you bought. This is known as capital appreciation. For example, if you buy shares at $209, and the share price goes up to $250 and you sell the shares, you have made $41.

  • When a company whose shares you have bought, distributes dividends (a company may distribute profits to its shareholders by declaring partial or full dividends). Companies pay dividends from the profit they make within a period, or when they sell an asset. Not all companies pay dividends.

  • Through Fixed returns which is a fixed-income dollar-denominated investment that gives you up to 8% USD annual returns. It takes the risk out of investing while exposing you to all the benefits of being invested, including higher yields than regular dollar savings accounts. You can read more about this here or watch the video we made here.

Making profit is dependent on the rise and fall of share prices on the stock market.

You also earn 0.05% interest annually on money in your brokerage wallet which you have not used to buy shares.

We have created courses to help you better understand the stock market. You can click here and here to watch them for free.

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