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What is a 52 Week Low?
What are Publicly Traded Partnership securities (PTPs)?
What is a 52 Week High?
What is Market Cap?
What is a sell price?
What is a buy price?
What is buying power ?
What is the portfolio value ?
How to know if I'm making money/How do I make profit on Bamboo?
I can't type in Decimals/Fractions to sell
Limit/Stop orders
Closed positions
How to cancel an order
Can I make an order when the market is closed?
Trading Account review
Dividends Timeline
How do I verify my email address?
How do I add my next of kin?
What is Unsettled cash?
What is Withdrawable cash?
How to see your stock brokerage account activity history?
What is a transaction PIN?
Account Statements and Trade Confirmations
Edit Name
Change Phone Number
Change MoMo Phone Number
Change Email Address
Change Address
How do I delete my Bamboo account?
How can I access the money from my sales?
How can I access my dividends?
Does Bamboo invest on your behalf?
Can I trade options on Bamboo?
Does Bamboo offer margin accounts?
Does Bamboo offer accounts for kids/custodial accounts?
Does Bamboo offer penny stocks/OTC?
Can I transfer stocks I own to someone else on Bamboo?
Does Bamboo offer Nigerian stocks?
Does Bamboo offer stocks from other exchanges apart from the US stock exchange?
What do I do if my stocks are not performing well?
What are the risks of investing in stocks?
How do I unsubscribe from Bamboo emails?
What do I do if a stock I own is delisted from the U.S. stock market?
I’m unable to download the app on my app store
I am not getting the verification code to login
How to Access the Profile Page on the App?